On the Puzzles Wiki, a select number of users who are particularly trusted with the responsibility of keeping the Wiki running smoothly are designated Staff. All staff members fall into one of the following two groups: Administrators and Moderators.


Ordinary Administrators have Sysop rights, which means they are given access to important abilities like protection and deletion of pages. They also have the power to revert and block vandals, and suspend their editing rights. Bureaucrats are the same as normal Administrators, but they also have the power to grant Sysop and Rollback rights to other users. You can read more here.

Bureaucrats have a gold Puzzle Piece (Bureaucrat) on their userpages, while normal Administrators have a silver one (Admin).


  1. Sorceror NobodyGranted Bureaucrat rights upon his successful adoption of the Wiki.
  2. SusamAppears to be the Wiki's founder. Seems completely inactive.


  1. Neochronomo – granted Admin rights due to his position as lead editor, to allow access to necessary tools
  2. A.J. two – granted Admin rights as part of cooperative efforts between Puzzles Wiki and Buzz! Wiki


Moderators are users that have been granted Rollback rights. They don't actually have any extra capabilities compared to ordinary users, but Rollback allows them to revert edits rather more rapidly than the standard route permits.

Moderators have a bronze Puzzle Piece (Moderator) on their userpages.

There are no Mods yet!

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