This page lists useful techniques for solving Mazes.

Left-Hand RuleEdit

The most well-known method is to proceed through a maze taking a left turn whenever it is possible to do so. The method is named for the fact that it is commonly carried out by keeping one's left hand on the left wall. This method only works if it is employed from the start of the maze; beginning to use it once inside the maze is worthless unless one just happens to "attach" oneself to the correct wall by chance (in larger and more complex mazes, it is unlikely to be anything but chance).

The rule is, of course, completely interchangable by simply swapping all "left"s for "right"s.

Maze LHR fail

Several mazes cannot, in fact, be solved by the Left-Hand Rule. A simple example is shown to the right, where the path that the Left-Hand Rule traces out will never reach the centre of the maze. Bear in mind that the Right-Hand Rule will be no more successful, as it would simply trace out the exact same path in reverse.